About the FIU Math Club

(Left to right: Advisor: Dr. Mirroslav Yotov, Treasurer: Christine Kuryla, Secretary: Nathalie Molina, President: Eric Wawerczyk, CSO Representative: Henry Zorrilla, Vice President: Johanna Casado, Events Coordinator: Andres Cubas)



  • Increases Public Awareness of the Math Club and or mathematics.
  • Expose modern mathematics at a public level.
  • Promote the improvement of mathematics education.
  • Promote a healthy environment amongst members of the Math Club as well as fellow academic clubs at FIU.

The Florida International University Math Club began appearing around 2009 as a gathering to train for the Putnam examination for the students of FIU. Now the Math Club is a fully active CSO Supported organization dedicated to fulfilling its duties.

Membership to the Math Club is open to the public. No dues are collected and anyone with any amount of interest in mathematics may attend and participate in the public events hosted by the Math Club.

The Math club runs weekly activities and has several monthly social events for the math community to attend. For more information please visit the Events page and/or the Calendar page.

The Executive Board of the Math Club is elected during the spring semester of every academic school year. The current Executive Board consists of:


   Jorge Miranda

   Vice President

   Kimanh Nguyen

   CSO Representative

   Micheal Duque


   Miguel Rios



   Eric Guzman


Professor Mirroslav Yotov


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Student Research

    Executive Board:
President: Jorge Luis Miranda Ruiz
Vice President: Kimanh Nguyen Treasurer: Miguel Rios
CSO Representative: Michael Duque
Secretary: Erik Guzman

    Club Advisor:

Mirroslav Yotov

    Our Links:

  • FIU Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  • YouTube Page of FIU Math Club
  • Math Club Facebook
  • Mathscinet
  • The ArXiv
  • The Mathematics Genealogy Project
  • Math Overflow
  • Math StackExchange
  • Math World (Wolfram)
  • Wolfram Alpha
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Mathematical Association of America
  • Contact Math Club:

    Shoot us an email : fiumathclub@gmail.com
    Or e-mail one of our advisors: yotovm@fiu.edu

    We'd love to hear any comments or suggestions you have on the "Contact Us" page.