Student Research:

Many students in the Mathematics and Statistics department of FIU participate in summer research programs both at FIU and across the country. These are formally known as REU's, or Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Many do so by applying for the FIU chapter of the Ronald McNair Fellowship Program which allows them to perform research with faculty members working in modern areas of mathematics. Past members include:


Ronald E. Mcnair Postbaccalaureate Scholars

Rafael Badui

Ishtiaq Syed

Leonard Foret

David Shor

Cristina Morales

Jason Espinosa

Christian Bueno

Luis Saumell

Adam Colt

Marco Rodriguez

Carlos Bajo

Alejandro Ginory

Kafung Mok

Alexandra Cuadra

Camilo Montoya

Eric Wawerczyk

Giancarlo Sanchez


Students who participated in NREUP 


Omar Leon

Lazaro Diaz

Alex Moncion

Austin Nowak


Lizandra Hernandez

Alex Tepper

Andres Cubas

Pierre Avila

Arturo Leon

Renzo Alvarez.

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